What is Morphopsychology

Morphopsychology, also known as “Face-Reading”, is the study of a face (front view and side view) to determine the main features of one’s personality. It is essential to mention that it is not made to evaluate one person or to “rank” people. There is no good or bad, there is just different people and different styles, adapting differently to various situations.

Morphopsychology gives some clue about someone’s potential and about what would be easier for him/her to achieve. As some people like strawberries and others don’t, some people are naturally good at personal relationships and others need to work on it.
“We are all in a boat, we did not choose its size and its shape, we did not choose where the wind blows or where goes the current, but you can choose where you go”
Your face and your personality are your boat, where do you want to go?

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Quick Methodology

To analyse a face, we start by looking at the global shape (front and side view) and then analysing the details (forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones, cheeks, nos, nostrils, ears, mouth, jaws, chin, neck). With all that information, we then need to make a synthesis. It is impossible to isolate one element and start deducting personality traits, an individual must be considered as a whole.

Below the steps of an analysis:

  • Study of width and depth of the face indicating the dominant instinct (expansion or conservation)
  • Study of the 3 levels of the face indicating the main centers of interest
  • Study of the skin texture indicating how the individual interacts with his environment
  • Study of the firmness of the facial features indicating activity and control
  • Study of the ratio between sensors (eyes, nose and mouth) and width of the face to determine the global behavior

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